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The ohter used Tubes are from various

Tube exchange groups. Here again a big thank you to the Tuberosity

I made this Tutorial using PSP 9 th

Here are my Tuts tested

(Please do not ask - the team is complete)

Clicking on the butterly than you can se the slide show

of the results that have been sent to me.

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Here you find my Material

Plugings here

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- Alien Skin Xenofex / Constellation

- Mura Meister / Cloud


Save the Pattern "silverBeauty" at the Foler Pattern of PSP

Open your Tubes at PSP copy with Shift+D

and close the Originale

All Layers at the Tubes are invisible

open the eye so all became visible again


New Canvas 700 x 600 px transparent

Search out of your Tubes for a light FG Color

and a dark BG Color

(My Color FG #787878 - BG Color #000000)

Effects - Mura Meister / Cloud

New Raster Layer

Search for your Pattern "silverBeauty" and fill the Layer

Blend Mode - Soft Light

Opacity 50 %


We start with the Frame for the Image

Open out of the Scrapmaterial "DWS_5109_MMD"

Copy the Ribbon and paste as new Layer

Image - Resize

Adjust - Sharpness - Sharpen

Duplicate this Layer 2 times

Top Layer

Image - Rotation - Free Rotation

Duplicate this Layer

Now we have 4 Layer

Build your Frame

2 bottom Layers became invisible

merge the top 3 visible

all Layers visible again

Drop Shadow


Copy your Lady tube and paste as new Layer

I resize mine to 75 %

Adjust - Sharpness - Sharpen

Arrange - Send Layer down

Activ the top Layer (Frame)

Pull with the Deformingtool a little bit to the right and to the left

It do not have to fit

Magic Wand - Select the middle of the Frame

Selection - Modify - Expanded

Activate the Layer with your Lady_Tube

and press Delte

Selection -None

Back to your top Layer

Merge - merge down

I rotate my Image

Image - Rotation - Free Rotation

Adjust - Sharpness - Sharpen



you have free choice for the Srapmaterial

I only descripe a frew Elements

Open DWS_3209_MMD", copy the Element and paste as new Layer

Image - Resize

Adjust - Sharpen - Sharpness

Arrange to the left top Border

Duplicate this Layer arrange to the right

Merge - merge down

Drop Shadow (this one I use for all Scrapelements)

Send Layer down

My Stars are a little bit to dark

so I lighten them a little bit its up to your colors


Select a few Stars and arrange at different sizes over

the Silver Layer


Activate the top Layer

Copy "DWS_3009_MMD" and paste die Bow as new Layer

I resize to 50 %

Adjust -Sharpness- Sharpen

Repeat the Drop Shadow

Arrange into the top right corner


Pick at the Element if you like it


New Raster Layer

Selection All

Fill Selection with the pattern "silverBeauty"

Selection - Modify - contract

Press - Delete

Selection - Invert

Effects - 3 d Effects - Inner Bevel

Selection - None

Duplicate this Layer

Activate the original Frame Layer

Effects - Texture Effects - Mosaic Glass


Write your Text or take mine and paste your



Activ the Layer at the bottom

Effects - Alien Skin Xenofex / Constellation

Edit - Copy - All Layer

Open the Animation-Shop

Paste as new Animation



undo the last step

Repeat Constellation - click Random once

Copy all Layer


paste after the selected Frame



undo the last step

Repeat Constellation - click Random once

Copy all Layer


paste after the selected Frame

Save as GIF


©bySille Dezember 2009


Thank you my Dream Team

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